I’m still alive. The yoga therapist training has officially ended. I had the honour and the challenge of being alone in the 2020 training class. Parallel to the course is some constructionwork at the ashram in progress and there is always something to do. Sushil, “my guru”, is additionally involved and sometimes the teaching falls somewhat by the wayside. This was also due to the reason why I decided to implement suggestions and measures here and there so that Sushil as a yogi can find more time for yoga. Unofficially, the course goes even further. As you know, learning never ends as long as there is interest. In addition to self-study of yoga literature, we also deal intensively with the Gherandha Sahmita and I learn to read Sanskrit and try my hand at writing some first vowels. Here and there we also song a few new matras which I like to memorize. Singing is done here every day and with pleassure. Generally, there’s a lot of music. Whether from me, singing together or the high-calibre bird orchestra accompanied by Lucky and Rexy the dog duett.
Here, too, in the quiet ashram, the global phenomenon Co.ona leaves its mark. Registered patients declined and the planned structure of the training could only be adhered to to a limited extent.

As always in life, it is the perspective that determines our reality. “If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change” (Dr. Wayne Dayer). Or: It’s not a bug, it’s a feature (one of my favourite sayings)! This also creates opportunities such as the unscheduled lessons around the here and there actions such as mosquito-net window construction or gardening find their place. The free time and the location gives the opportunity for a lot of reflection. Questions like there arise these days: What was important to me in my old life? What is important to me now? Where can I continue to grow? What makes me really happy? How do I want to spend the rest of my life? Where does the journey go? Which people will continue to be part of my life journey? When can I finally play the piano again?! And how about real sex again?

I never get bored. Too many things go through my head for that, and I am far too well equipped technically and creatively. At the moment I help my yoga teacher Ruth every week to produce yoga online lessons, I am in the process of planing and producing my first video series, playing diligently ukulele (who made it to Inda unscathed in a cloth bag – in checked baggage!). I compose again and write poems. Oh yes, of course I do yoga and so I use this gift of isolation to further develop the yogic skills and my own creativity. And if I ever get bored and feel the longing, then I call a lovely person in Germany or Switzerland, just lie on the roof at night looking at the stars or practice Pranayama, being grateful that I am allowed to be on this beautiful earth. I remain confident and stay in the now, again and again.

In love and gratitude.


First Orchestra draft