When we set off, it is not because we know what will be, but because we are inspired by the hope that we will be what we only dare to dream of.

Rudolph von Behren

Short Bio

Music: in a nutshell

 My musical development was characterized by versatility and great enthusiasm during my school days. In addition to various musical experiments, my passion focused on piano and singing. As a choir director I was also allowed to perform my own compositions and a cappella was successfully played with ensembles such as “vorlaut”. Improvisation has always given me joy and served as a long, healing, contemplative immersion during my youth. During my music studies in Mannheim I use the opportunity to deepen all of my musical talents. As in “real” life, I can feel comfortable in all (musical) environments and like to experiment, while keeping my playful curiosity.

Holistic: nutrition, exercise and health

I found my way into the professional field of sport through my cousin Roland Erb. His passion and his knowledge of sport and nutrition rubbed off on me and helped me to climb mountains like the “Zugspitze” and to walk safely through many a life valley. With my interest in nutrition and exercise, there were major physical and mental changes. A stone weighing 16 kg fell from my “heart” and made my way to the great goal of sports studies easier. 
  My great thirst for knowledge for all kinds of topics, mostly outside of my academic training, led to an interest in holistic and (partly) alternative health topics. Yoga, Wicca / Shamanism and Kyudo found their way into my steadily growing repertoire of knowledge, which I also live (!): “Been there, done that” or “walk the talk” are my motto to stay authentic, to face new challenges and actually live the knowledge I have learned. I was able to pass on my experiences with playful curiosity during the years of training for children at Schwimmfix and in the field of athletics at the KSC.
  Every day I like to deal practically with the following topics: meaning in life, joie de vivre, nature-loving holistic health and modernly adapted spirituality. Even if I have a childishly naive streak and like to be silly, I remain critical of current topics and reports and use science when it creates knowledge. With my work I encourage my fellow human beings to use their own head and to continue to grow steadily in order to live a self-created, sensual life – as free from echolalia as possible.
  I live and grow consistently with the change I wish for my life and the whole world: love and gratitude.

May all be happy, may all be healthy, may there be love and light.


Andreas Erich Jachmann

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