Sunset at Patnem Beach.

Tomorrow it will be a week since I left the Ashram, which I was allowed to call home for eight months. It’s strange, but I miss a lot about the ashram: The total free time to spend my time, my own spacious living room including roof terrace and the authentic Indian ambience. You can hardly compare this place with the Ashram. They are two worlds in and of themselves, and suddenly being part of an intimate group called family adds to this contrast. Both have their charm.

As I have already written, I enjoy being a dad and being helpful with my experience in dealing with children and all the other knowledge. Nevertheless, I am still in the process of adapting and testing the limits of my time and energy. Officially it should be 4-5 hours a day in which I should help with my physical and psychological presence, but for the last few days I was part of the family circus for almost the entire time.

Hinduisem in South Goa

Today for the first time I was able to get up at 6:30 a.m. and had enough motivation for a short morning walk. Then I visited the neighboring Hindu temple – a bit of a Bengali and yogic homeland. After the priest heard me chant a mantra in front of the temple, I was invited to the temple where I meditated, continued to sing, and attended the daily ceremony. It was a nice feeling and it gave me peace for the rest of the day. As a present, a boy and I each received half a decorated coconut, which was part of the offerings of the Indian deities. The temple was small, almost too empty, but the experience was all the more intense. It seems that Christianity is more strongly represented here than Hinduism.

Photo was taken after my swim in the sea.

I like to move it, move it - not

Since the morning started so calmly, the car was no longer accepted calmly five meters after leaving the exit. German engineer Geist and a little MacGyver then started the error analysis, researched, then removed the car battery with a primitive multitool and took it away to recharge. The planned exploration of the area then took place with Anastasia on the scooter. After a short tour we took a break and ate a delicious South Indian Masala Dosa, in order to then quickly pursue other errands.

After a quiet noon we walked to the beach where these pictures were taken. There I was able to swim a bit longer and enjoyed the sunset. The way back was really Indian with four people on a scooter. The adventure ended well and the evening was rounded off with dinner together.

I’m slowly getting an overview of the place, the home and the operating instructions for the Millennia kids. Soon there will be a rhythm that will hopefully bring clear boundaries between “work” and leisure and give me the chance to invest more energy in other projects. Yesterday I read a good night story in English for the first time and it was a nice experience to accompany little Sam into the dream world. For the moment I am happy as it is and look to the future with confidence. I feel comfortable as a part-time dad and can’t wait to find the place to meet new people and adventures. All in good time.

Stay alive and well.



Coconut the cute kitten.

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