Coconut - this cat rocks.

Yesterday I successfully arrived in South Goa. I was greeted by Sunrise the dog and coconut the cat who took a nap with me. How much I missed that. A lot of new impressions and a completely different world than West Bengal. My life has completely changed in a very short time. Recently I was a yogi who lived most of the time in the quiet walls of the ashram and now I am “father of two children”, I live with a nice woman, a sugar-sweet cat coconut (!) And the dog sunrise. We live in an old Portuguese house with high walls like in an old apartment in Karlsruhe, which I love. The rice fields were exchanged for the beach and where everything was flat, you can also see wooded hills here and there. There are palm trees everywhere and coconuts in abundance, although I will taste them.

Family Guy

Arrived, reorientation that takes time and I take it. To be there for children and to educate them and the new background noise also takes getting used to. Where before there was only birdsong and construction site noise, I am now surrounded by two very active but lovable guys who are always looking for activity, attention and affection. I enjoy being “dad” (for a while?) And with my pedagogical experience and playful way of being there for the two of them, it is also a challenge that I still have to get used to. I am confident and happy to be here. Anastasia is a woman with class and a very loving person who does everything so that her children can grow and prosper, I really appreciate all of that.

Sunshine and the green rocks.

Pädagogisch wertvoll

With music, art, movement and other activities I would like to contribute my part to their development. But I also notice that physical presence alone helps with education. We found each other really well within just under two days, and I am very happy that I am very welcome. It’s exciting and it remains exciting what will happen. There is a lot to discover, even if the place itself seems small and a little lifeless compared to Ko-roh-nah. Thanks to Anastasia, I have a scooter with which I can explore the area. I am looking forward to many beautiful moments and can hardly wait to practice yoga on the beach, make music with the waves, capture the beautiful landscapes in pictures and sound and experience my future guided by my heart.
Tomorrow is a children’s birthday party – yeah!

All the best



First day together at the beach.

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