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Yogic SelfCare

Yogic Selfcare is a personalized flexible online treatment approach to help you grow to another level of consciousness, to regain health or become even healthier and happier than you could ever have imagined. I also refer to the „products“ I generally offer as raja-solutions. Raja means king and I believe that inside of everybody of us there is a slumbering king or queen. By nature inside us we have the spark to be as royal and responsible in our lives as like a compassionate and humble king or queen, playing the lead part in our story we call life. Besides rising your level of happiness, another goal is to get you of medicine and to help you live a life of creativity, inner peace and freedom. The Yogic Selfcare is a holistic solution that focuses on all parts of human health: body, mind and soul.

Which tools will be used?

We are living in a special time, and we face several issues which we can use as a chance to grow, to reinvent ourselves and rejuvenate or to shrink. Changing perspective, reconnect to ourselves and being creative again is key to transformation and a global evolution. Many programs and systems nowadays focus on loss or temporal benefits that only scratch on the surface of mental and bodily challenges and aim for fast results. Lose weight, get rid of emotions, habits or stuff. My focus as a person is always on the plus-side, the positive developing and growing aspect of life. The Yogic Selfcare program that I share is focused on sustainable multidimensional growth and achievement. With the tools I share with you, you will increase and regain health, improve overall life quality and get on the path of inner peace and deeper satisfaction. I help you to leave the state of a caterpillar and becoming a butterfly. The tools we will use together are rooted in Yoga and Yoga Therapy ( which I studied in Germany and India. The process is fueled by brain-friendly and fun driven supervision. Moreover, my methods are enriched by my P.E.-sports-university-studies in Karlsruhe, diverse fitness trainer licenses, music-teacher-education (main subject voice) done at Musikhochschule Mannheim, training kids in track and field and swimming.

Backed up by the invaluable rich background of Yoga and Yogic Therapy we use modern findings of neuroscience and involve in a creative fun process to discover and transform yourself on a hole new level. I believe in personalized and mixed methods. Together we use modern physiological knowledge and powerful tools and base them on the old wisdom of yogic systems (f.e. mentioned in the Gherandha Samhita) like Purification, Pranayama, Chanting, Yogic Poses and other effective appliances.

At the moment it is only possible to meet each other online for now. We will use technologies like voice and video-calls, individually made videos, written instructions, messengers like telegram or E-Mail to get in touch and provide opportunities and solutions. Checkups will also be done in those ways. I invite you to meet me in this little paradise at the Sapta Yoga Ashram to hear the many birds sing and to connect at this lovely place in India.


Why SelfCare?

There is a reason why I chose Selfcare with a capital letter. First of all I am convinced that we are more than just flesh and bones and that we have a higher purpose than just gathering money and other materialistic goods or practice netflix and chill. The world is changing. We have so many things and so much food and still most people are unhappy. Yogic Selfcare, raja-like selfcare goes beyond the small self, the ego. The journey we take, offers you to explore and find deeper meaning in life. We long for a state that is satisfying on a much deeper level and provides tools to sustain health, happiness and well-being.


Secondly I believe in sharing my talents to provide my clients to grow their own wings and fly. The process we start together requires trust in the methods, the advisor and having some patience. If you are willing to step up, you will be gifted with long-lasting results. To secure sustainable results, it is necessary to be willing to implement changes after our time spent together. I know that it takes some time (about 21 days) for changing habits but you get what you invest. I invite you to go on this journey wholeheartedly and with a childlike optimistic and fun approach. „Even“ therapy can be pleasant if done with a certain mindset and a fun person journeying with you.
Let me help you help your Self to grow „home“ and be the being you are designed to be: happy, healthy, creative, and full of love.


Feel free to write me at for more information.

I am happy to hear from you.

Greetings and Namasté

Andreas Erich Jachmann

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