Erinnerungen aus dem Ashram: Indien, Februar 2020.




My stomach istingling.

My stomachis tingling.

Just sleep four more times and then the journey to southern India begins. Adventure is waiting and the tingling sensation in your stomach is clearly noticeable. All tickets are booked and the last things will be concluded in the next few days.

Before I left, I decided to start fundraising for the Ashram, a place of growth, healing and retreat.

In the last seven months I was allowed to devote numerous hours to my personal growth and collect colors. In the old world, that’s what I call it, before 2020, balance and valuables meant most to most. Facade, have and is good. “To be” was clearly behind having and at the end of the day it was labeled esoterically and smiled at. You are what you have But what remains when we go? What is the Playstation 4 pro, the new Flat, the house, the car and the third plastic surgery worth?

In India I got to know the opposite. In the end you just get burned. Yesterday I made contact with the “memento mori” again when the father of a good friend left his body. Incidentally, the fault was the corrupt health system, which would rather earn money from people, diligently prescribe drugs (which often work together to promote the damage). Commissions flow happily mountain up, mountain down, from left hand to left hand. Luckily I got to know yoga therapy and am now trained in it. I’ve been using the last few days not only to clean my room, but also my body. Kitchuri is on the daily schedule and tomorrow the body will undergo the next level of internal cleansing.

I realized again that in the end what counts is what you leave behind, the people you have enriched with your time, the experiences you have gathered, the moments in which you shared and spread gratitude and love, the moments of silence and listening and amazement at the many small gifts from nature, the animal world and our fellow human beings

The story of Frederick (Leo Lionni, 1967, Italy) is one that seems more topical than ever and can be understood as an invitation to more mindfulness and appreciation of the many small moments.



Ich weiß, daß mir nichts angehört

als der Gedanke, der ungestört

aus meiner Seele will fließen,

und jeder günstige Augenblick,

den mich ein liebendes Geschick

von Grund aus läßt genießen.


I know nothing belongs to me

than the thought that is undisturbed

from my soul wants to flow

and every favorable moment

a loving fate for me

from the ground up lets enjoy.

(Johan Wolfgang von Goethe)

The story of Frederick the Mouse

Field mouse Frederick lives with his family in an old stone wall. Summer is drawing to a close and autumn is sweeping across the country. The field mice now have to work day and night. Supplies have to be gathered for the winter. Bit by bit, grains, nuts, maize and straw migrate in the mice. Everyone is hard at work. Except Frederick. He’s sitting on a stone and doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

When the mice asked why he wasn’t helping, Frederick replied that he was collecting too. It catches the rays of the sun, the colors and the words. These supplies are just as important because winter is long, cold and gray. And then there it is, winter. Over time, all supplies run out and spring is not in sight. All little mice are freezing. Then Frederick pulls out his collection: his words become a hopeful poem, the memories of the sun’s rays warm the heart and the bright colors decorate everything festively …


I feel it,

I smell it,

I see it.

That which has been in the future

it was,

it is,

it has been,

it should be.

I hope you enjoy thinking about the story and invite you to dream, be amazed, play and be grateful for the little things.


All the best



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