Creating without suffering is possible - with passion it is better!

Ändern wir unseren Blick, ändern wir die Dinge (A.E. Jachmann: Insight-view. Plastik aus Papier, Ölwachsfarbe an Dornbusch, Indien, 2020).

„By believing passionately about something that does not yet exist we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.“

Nikos Kazantzakis

I am someone passionate about growth. In my way, with my topics and at my pace, according to Sinatra’s “My Way”.

Standing still is not an option, going back to a worse version feels like dying a small death. This was also one of the reasons why I made the big decision to travel to India and recognize my old life as part of my evolution and then consciously, resolutely and with confidence dared the somersault into the unknown.

Keep growing, does that mean we never arrive? No. Rather, it means that, like a plant or any other living organism, I take responsibility and commit myself to my personal evolution. I believe that we all have a dormant desire for a “better” version of ourselves. If I say better version, then at the same time the current version of the self should be classified as good enough. At first this is a paradox. Let’s leave it that way.

I would like to compare the evolution with the emergence of one of my “recently” (2019 season) newly discovered favorite apple varieties, the “Marinetta apple”.
This apple is a juicy, aromatic apple that I discovered in the Füllhorn Karlsruhe (best health food store in the region!). I cannot and do not want to go into “in details” the breeding process and the many steps that are required until the juicy apple leads to moments of pleasure. Rather, I would like to sketch a parable from it.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Sometimes waves, sometimes particles, and yet both

Intention and Manifestation

Everything that wasn’t there was already there, just in a different energetic form and constellation. Nothing arises from nothing and yet we perceive it so often.
In the meantime, we can fall back on well-founded research that quantum mechanics and quantum philosophy offer. We change our reality with a wish, an intention, our contemplation and our thoughts.
Wishes, thoughts and intentions set further stones in motion and so follows a nested chain of intentions and actions.

With the Marinetta apple as an example, there was initially the desire to grow a new apple. This wish can be compared to an intention. This intention then led to further steps and at some point after various crossing attempts, numerous harvests and further optimizations, this wonderful apple was made available to us.

The will of the breeder was great enough (passionate enthusiasm) to overcome all kinds of obstacles and step by step to create this tree out of “nothing”, which can now bear the desired fruit.

The situations, the things that we don’t really want because they aren’t actually our wishes, are particularly difficult for us and are often never achieved. Sure, because we don’t really want it.

„I contemplate myself surrounded by conditions I want to attract into my life.“

Excuses be gone, Dr. Wayne Dyer

So what is the key to successfully realizing goals? Ask yourself these questions very consciously and let them melt in your mouth (if you have your heart on your tongue):

1. Are they really my own goals and do I really want them to be fulfilled?

2. Am I ready to let the necessary passion arise in me and stir it up?

3. Do I want to decide to visualize the goal or the situation as already achieved? Can I go into a mode where it feels like “tomorrow” is “yesterday” and I’ve already arrived at my destination?

In the last few months and years I myself was able to experience that when I am really passionate (the favorite word of my favorite lecturer at the sports institute), unimaginably large resources are released and we can set mountains in motion.
As when climbing the Zugspitze (the highest mountain I’ve jogged up to date), it starts with one step and is accompanied by a sequence of several highs and lows.

I hope you have the courage to really listen to yourself, to start a conversation and to ask you the above three questions.
We are all on our individual path of development and at different stations. I share the knowledge and my perspective with you and I wish you on the one hand that you make your own experiences and on the other hand that you are spared some;) 

Stay awake, think out loud and listen to your heart.

Hand on heart - passion a head.heart

I invite you to get into a comfortable upright position. The seat wants to enable an upright back and at the same time open up space for looseness.

1. Observe your breathing for 12 breaths without any influence. In and out through the nose.

2. Put your left and right hands at heart level. Feeling this point is your next success.
Close your eyes every time before and while you ask yourself the questions (reading, I was told, is impossible for most without eyes).

3. Then imagine that your head is a guest in your heart and you can now ask anything. Ask a simple yes-no question and feel how your heart reacts. 

4. Ask yourself a happy question to whose “yes” answer you are happy and feel the change in the area around the heart. Did you even feel a smile on your face?

5. Ask an awkward question. Feel into yourself. Are you now showing other sensations?

6. Now you are “warm” and ready for more complex questions. Ask yourself the three questions above about areas that concern you and listen to your heart’s answer.

7. End the exercise in gratitude and give yourself a smile (or look forcefully grim if you’re cynical).


All the best and stay safe and sound.


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