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When we set off, it is not because we know what will be, but because we are inspired by the hope that we will be what we only dare to dream of

Rudolph von Behren

My musical biography "Sequences"

After my first successful experiences with glockenspiel and flute, my musical career slowly took shape with the training of music mentors in Kürnbach. I was able to live out my passion for singing, composition and group leadership at my home high school Mönchsessgymnasium-Heilbronn, its chamber choir and jazz choir, the church choir Klingenberg and the “Donnas”. As the earliest and longest member of the chamber choir (enjoyed two classes in extension), shaped by my mentor Dr. Hermann Forschner, I also had the privilege to regularly stand in front of the choir and orchestra as a conductor or singer at the big school concerts in the Heilbronner Harmonie and Killianskirche, while my first works “des sensations” and “Prometheus” were performed several times.
  I had an exciting time with singing and sound with the two male a cappella ensembles “Pentatonica” and the brilliant guys from “vorlaut”. A vocal milestone was the cheeky 3rd prize at the “german Acappella Bundestcontest”. I look back on these times with gratitude and joy.
  I owe Grazyna Winogrodzka and my dear friend Prof. Stephan Kohlenberg the discovery and development of my voice (major and major subject singing school music). Thanks also go to my first singing teacher Gert Bachmaier, who got the ball rolling. I owe my passion for the piano and improvisation on the one hand to my first piano teacher Renate Schumann, who always promoted my progress with heart and mind, and to my always grooving improvisation teacher G.P. Murawski at the Mannheim University of Music.
  Thanks to my home parish of the EMK Heilbronn, I was able to develop my talent for accompaniment and improvisation many times a week and I am happy to continue to share my music on various occasions. Lately the joy of standing in front of a choir has become a reality and so I was happy to join the church choir “St. Aegidius” together in Wörth to make the voice sound in a good mood. I will miss the choir very much and I am very grateful that we have had so many wonderful moments in such a short time. I have now given up on the recently started men of the MGV Hagenbach, because my old life and choral conducting is no longer compatible with the trip to India. The nice and committed men as well as the lovingly caring church choir from Wörth will hopefully find someone who will be there for them. Thank you for the great time together.

Ganzheitlich - Ernährung, Bewegung und Gesundheit
“Der Körper macht die Übung”

I owe my introduction to the subject of health, sports and nutrition to my cousin Roland Erb. Motivated by a great book (Awaken the winner in you, Alexander Christiani), it became clear to me that body and mind are closely connected and that we set our own limits or that these come from early childhood or socially copied “programming”. Until recently, Roland managed several fitness studios in the Heilbronn area and gives daily growth impulses with more value. Thanks to his support, especially in my important first development phase, I was motivated to obtain various fitness licenses (C, B license, cross trainer, food coach) at the Academy of Sports before my studies (mental trainer and the A license are in progress) . Roland was an early incentive to surpass oneself, to share current health knowledge and to reflect critically on trends. As a coach, family member and father, he continues this into his free time.
My sporting career is rather short, but it is characterized by passionate enthusiasm, which always focused on the maintenance and healthy development of body and mind. Where other sports students have been doing sports all their lives, I did the usual cycling and “go to the gym” in high school. The decision in my “mid twenties” to face the challenge of sports studies and to adapt my life completely may be unusual. Diet was and is the crucial point here. Since then, the supply of nutrients has become more and more important to me in the triangle of sport-health-nutrition, the interest in the subject helped me to let go of 16 kilos of weight just before studying sport and made it easier to shed other useless habits and views.
In addition to the physical aspect, I also became aware of the mental aspect very early on and what challenge it is in today’s environment to go your own healthy path. We are largely a result of our external and internal environment (early childhood and beyond) and finding and staying in a healthy environment is a lifelong task.
During my sports studies, the entrance examination of which I also passed several times, further formative paths opened up. Participation in the swimming fix project, in which non-swimmers of the third class discover friends on the water in small groups under student guidance and do the seahorse, work as an athletics trainer at the Karlsruhe Sport Club (KSC) and especially the path of the yogi. Open-hearted and curious, I went to the yoga elective with Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Seng introduced the world of Raja Yoga. For three years now, I’ve been giving away internalized knowledge in regular courses for the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Walkin fitness studio and university sports. These roots enrich me in every area of my life and so they also found their resonance in KSC children’s training, personal training, coaching or as a choir director and in private surroundings. I would like to continue on this determined, graceful and at the same time humbly royal path and accompany people on their way to (-back to) themselves. For this I traveled to India in 2020, before the global hysteria, to deepen the path of the yogi.
Here in India I was allowed to complete my training as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist during my stay at the Sapta Yoga Ashram. In a friendly family-like environment, I was able to gain great insights and deep (knowledge) knowledge far beyond yoga. The “crisis time 2020” was transformed into one of my most important growth phases and used intensively for self-study. I thank Ruth Bhattacharya-Wäffler and Dr. h.c. Sushil Bhattacharya for the friendly welcome and support that goes far beyond yoga. In addition to yoga, I have always shown an interest in medicinal plants and their special properties on our physical and psychological bodies. As a branch of my holistic self-study, I acquired theoretical and practical knowledge of Wicca / shamanism, which I was able to deepen thanks to Phylis Currot. Few people know how deeply rooted our society and science are in them, and even fewer people know about their great enrichment and importance for our individual and global health.

I live and grow consistently with the change I wish for my life and the whole world: love and gratitude.

May all be happy, may all be healthy, may all live in love and light.

Andreas Erich Jachmann

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