5D-Ripple Effects of love - Andreas E. Jachmann: Filzstift und Effekte mit Photoshop, Indien, 2020.

Travel can be one of the most rewarding forms of introspection.

Lawrence Durrell

Clear the table and go on an adventure

I did it today. The tickets are booked, it goes on. After weeks of research and what felt like 13 hours back and forth on different Indian sites and numerous malfunctions in various booking systems, the tickets are finally booked. It’s off to the south of India.

In the meantime it is already 10 p.m. and only now do I get to writing this entry.

Today I will be brief and would like to recommend a great book that I recently learned to love: How to start a business from your kitchen table by Shawn Nix Jones. I treated myself to an audiobook and an e-book in the iBook store. Thanks to hayhouse (newsletter), I became aware of the e-book promotion and spent a few hours with the book today. The woman is great and her experience with handling the voice as a former radio presenter is positive.

This book is entertaining and at the same time full of helpful ideas and assistance to add value to your life. It is essentially about how we manage to set up a business that has the “right” values: serving people, protecting the environment, being authentic and adding value for our customers. Our benevolent and compassionate moral concept and values are crucial and should be the crystal core of our business, from which a lock made of diamonds can develop.

One of the main points about travelling is to develop in us a feeling of solidarity, of that oneness without which no better world is possible.

Ella Mailart

A brief look at exercises from the book

First of all, a tidy table should be made. Then you should imagine your dream life in five years. Next you extract the values from this longed-for life and compare them with those in your current everyday life. So that you can build up your life with ease and start the day motivated, you will learn how to make your morning irresistible and create a good foundation for the day.

The book is full of nice exercises and it’s just fun to listen to the charming author and grow with her. At the moment the book is only available in English: an invitation to practice your English :).

That’s it for today as the little men in the picture I have drawn are now on a journey where new perspectives and experiences await me, confident of going into the unknown.

Change the routine

Your invitation for tomorrow is to be brave to do something new or to try something in a new way. Drink your tea with your left hand, choose a different route home, share a smile with a person you usually ignore or refresh your playlist with music. Let your senses experience something new and take the time to do something good for you. Do something crazy :).

Until next time and have fun trying it out and with the book tip.

// Addendum: I wrote the article yesterday on Sunday and was so in the future (keyword Kylego) that I thought it was Monday.

Best regards



For the past 33 years I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself, "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I have to do today?" And if the answer was "no" for too many days in a row, I knew I had to change something.

Steve Jobs

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