VLog 2020_02_19: Nanoor, Kirnahar: Memorial Feast

The entire yoga group was invited to a memorial feast of one of Suhils friends. It was amazing. Everybody was so sincere and we felt very welcome. A memorial that focused on happiness and friendship. When four indian students sang two beautiful folk songs everybody teared up. Heartwarming. I am so grateful and honored that we were invited. Just WOW…True Oneness.

Successfully landed and settled in the ashram

After an incredibly intense time in the 14 days, many events and every mäng of small and greater miracles, I have now arrived at the ashram #saptayoga. Near the village of Kothalgosha, West Bengal, in the countryside and surrounded by rice fields, lies the beautiful ashram in the Sushil and Ruth teach. Here I will experience my yoga teacher diploma and yoga therapist training. What I will do with it will be revealed. With passion, humour and paternal care, I will walk through the educational path of the yoga teacher together with three nice and dear women from Austria, Switzerland and Australia. Great atmosphere, great food and a lot of yoga are here daily program – my soul sings. Soon I will also start writing music and creating my first video series on the topic of meditation. Coconut violin (?) and unsecured imported ukulele in the softcase (!) and my electronics from DE are available to me.

Every day is a gift and as a yogi I learned to be gifted. Allowing, letting go, leaving and giving gifts are so fundamentally important in our lives. It doesn't matter if it's small cranes in the household or people who are loved ones. Anyone who lets the beautiful into his life and is at tuned for reception will be surprised at what can happen to "WUNDERN". If there is a good intention, e.g. lies in the center, then the post office leaves! Note on the sidelines: I have become quite unfiltered, Humor I also have a little bit and so you can find some irony or hyperbole here and there 😉


Stay healthy and cheerful!




Sidenote: One thing is already clear on the 14th. April I fly to Kathmandu in Nepal, because this was my return flight, which I was able to book spontaneously from Frankfurt with Ezars (super nice heart-man at the counter of Thai-Airwys) help.