All or nothing or everything and nothing ?

Radically finished. After 14 days I finished the yogic cleaning on 23.04.2020 for the time being. I'm fine, I've achieved a lot in the 14 days. I am satisfied with the result. Why did I "cancel"? Many reasons I could list: the departure of my dear yoga teacher Ruth, the wedding day, (=) emotional-eating, bad weather, short-term discomfort that it has rained, that the neighboring striped squirrel has not greeted back or, or, or.

The truth is different. I've learned to be honest with yourself, so I'm here to you too. Quite simply, I gave in to a delicious seduction. Ruth left yesterday and this pretext, paired with conjured treats gave the rest to the "fasting time". The conscience was already reassured, because all this was justified, I do the whole thing voluntarily and I don't really need this holistic cleaning compared to the really sick. My recently tested blood results were also very
good! I just changed my mind. I made a decision. You could say now that I was inconsistent and weak. No?
Another perspective would be the self-confident decision to share joy (our last two meals together) to counter the sole health goal. One could also credit me for deliberately deciding against something and with all my heart and consciousness.
How could this continue now? What can I learn from this? What can we all take away
from it? It all starts with a decision. In order for it to continue to grow, it requires the regular supply of energy. Call these resources such as energy time, consciousness and feelings or actions. Sometimes you start a project full of joy and hope. But we have all already undergone a project that has been less enjoyable in the course of time than at the beginning. Some projects even have a negative pleasure average. Other projects are being stopped because it seems so intolerable or hopeless at a time that we decide to cancel. On the positive side, we better channel our energy into other areas to continue to grow or avoid creeping decay. It
takes courage to stop. Even if this was only a small decision, in essence they are all the same. We observe, we evaluate, we draw conclusions and we act accordingly. So
cially, we are trimmed to the point that cancelling per se is bad. Pull through, bite through, fight -Aroo, aroo, aroo (Spartan Race supporters know)!
Stupid only when you're at the end. What did that get through when you're standing in a place where you didn't want to be (any more), the goal changed and you just kept paddled? How do we find
out if we just have a short hangover and give up prematurely, or it's time to finish a project gratefully to continue elsewhere (you notice the infinitive to continue)? And here we would be aga
in at the permanently available investment advisor of the company Herz und K(l)opf. Take a step back, become quite calm and listen to you. What does your heart say? Where do you feel this decision to let go? In the mind in the heart? Says yes and no at the bottom? Is there fear or curiosity about the unknown?
You can specifically question your heart and then switch to an observational evaluation-free perspective. What would a dear person say who wants further development and growth? And what do you lose if you stay on the same (suffering) path in this situation?

Certainly for me this 21-day period and the decision to take a break was less world-shattering than previous ones. Nevertheless, it is always important for us to be aware of our intentions and to adjust them when necessary. How this works is now known. Stay in dialogue with your self, listen to your heart and remain faithful to yourself. Sometimes it is necessary to make other people seem unhappy in order to be able to share happiness in the long term. You can only give away what you have so invite yourself with joy, let yourself be gifted by the loving life and share joyfully what you can give: a dear word, indulgence, a smile, time or half a banana.

I'm going to keep going. The next phase I will start soon will be completely food-free: 9 days only water. Consistency is not only reflected in the initial conviction, the pace on the first kilometers. Even if it sometimes crashes, by constantly re-negotiating with you, it means to continue your path consciously determined and open-minded "infinitive". Better live 300 days of the change you want to be and take a break instead of a thirst stretch to give up the challenge completely. The average does it, so stay tuned or finish resolutely.

Remember: "Put your heart into what you do" and love what you do, too.

Heal the world – Dare you run

Have you ever built a house, made of bark and moss? You start with a tree trunk and a few strong roots on it and then you build on it. Dare you just start, then you will see what everything can do. (Text and music: Albrecht

"Have you ever built a house, made of bark and moss? You start with a tree trunk and a few strong roots on it and then you build on it. Dare you just start, then you'll see what everything can do". (Text and music: Albrecht Gralle).

This boys charlied went through my mind the days. We often have so much in front of us and sometimes so little. We dream big but better only in our small chambers start, dare something, try, for the sake of joy. This is how this little teaser video for Michael Jackson's Heal the World was created. Raw, true and with many exceptions 😉

Heal the world=heal yourSelf.
First music video ever 😉

21 days – time for yogic transformation

Tomorrow from 09.04.2020 to 30.04.2020 I will perform a physical and psychological cleansing on me for 21 days after yogic manner. This experiment was chosen by myself and it feels like this is just the right time to do it.

The path I will be walking:
Nutrition: Only a special rice-beanporridge 3 times a day.
Physical cleansing: Using saltwater orally for internal cleansing for at least three consecutive days and drink only warm clear water during that period.
Also moderate physical activity with yoga and lots of meditations adapted to metabolism.

I will always report what will be going on in my body and mind. There will be motion, matter and mind will dissolve and transform. I never did this that long and there is much excitement coming up about the 21 days. I am looking forward to health and multidimentional growth!

Stay healthy and cheerful!